Guest Terry Chadwick Questions Bail For Violent Repeat Offenders

In the recent case of Canadian Kamar Cunningham, who was convicted of numerous firearms trafficking crimes in 2020 – empowering more criminals to shoot more criminalscivilians, and commit random violence -  this man was released on bail 3 times before the date of sentencing.  


Its estimated that this individual was personally responsible for the trafficking of 100 guns into Canada.


Each time he was previously granted bail, he had to be re-arrested.  And then he was released on bail again. 


Guess what?  He didn’t show up for sentencing either. 


Every thinking Canadian should probably first wonder about what legal system, and which ejudicator, would have thought that the risks to the public (and probable flight of the accused),were insufficient to outweigh the privilege of bail in this case.  


How would you decide to either release to   - or retain from -   the public?   


Would you agree with my premise that something isn’t right here?   


Since you do, I’ll continue. 


I see that there are 5 possibilities here.   If you can possibly think of more, you’re smarter than I am.  


1. I have the wrong opinion.

Canada should readily allow criminals to be released to the public under these conditions, and I shouldn’t have spent any more time on the premise. 

2. The judge was grossly incompetent.    

I can’t believe Judges appointed by the Canadian Judiciary can be incompetent.  At least I don’t want to believe it.  Canada wouldn’t allow a person to execute legal judgement in this country, but for a continuous demonstration of good judgement.  But it has to be said a little incompetency is possible in this case. 

3. The legislation was the problem, and the judge was following the letter of the law of the land.     

To me this is the most concerning of the possibilities - although others are also pretty bad. 

4. The judge was corrupt, or had other concerns any person would.   

I don’t believe corruption would be a factor.  I believe in our country’s oversight, and in the excellence of the people who accept this responsibility on the behalf of our society.  

5. The Canadian government interceded for a security concern for which the harm of revealing outweighs the benefit of disclosing. 

Threw this one in for the conspiracy theorists (I’m not one), but I had to include it since I did say if anyone could think of another option, they’d be smarter than me.   


Actually scratch my challenge – I can already foresee the possibility of aliens having had a part, that crime was sufficiently organized to engineer it, or sadly, the ridiculous notion that our society may just have lost its marbles.  Laughable.   

Written By: Terry Chadwick