Fighting Climate Change The Right Way


I know I should keep myself from adding to April Fools Day references made to connect the upcoming April 1st Carbon Tax hike as foolish and Trudeau taking Canadians as fools. I’ve always believed that the best and worst thing about democracy is that people get what they deserve. So I believe Star Wars Obi-Wan said it best,  “Who's the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?”

Thankfully, Canadians are now in full buyer’s remorse with this government and its signature tax. But to completely turn the page, Conservatives will have to offer an alternative to win the hearts and minds of voters like me who care both about the economy and the environment. 

Still, before I explain how to right this wrong, I should explain to any Canadians still supporting the Carbon Tax why it stinks and the smell, like the one coming from this gone bad government is only getting worse. 

Canadians like fairness, but this tax is anything but. The pain from it is excessive and not evenly distributed among the economic classes.  

First off, Canadians have finally realized, they are no way close to being better off financially after receiving their rebates - assuming they even get them. Many vulnerable Canadians don’t even file. So they are paying the higher supply chain food costs, but are getting nothing back in this quarterly rebate scheme. 

The independent Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux clearly demonstrated in his report that when you factor in the full impact of higher carbon costs - we’re poorer for it. “We estimate that most households will see a net loss, paying more in the federal fuel charge and GST, as well as receiving lower incomes, compared to the Climate Action Incentive payments they receive,” Giroux wrote.  As Canadians have discovered it’s not only the carbon you directly consume and pay for, but all the added carbon cost the farmer pays to run their gas powered equipment and fuel used to transport our goods to us.  In an economy that still runs on fossil fuels - the carbon tax is everywhere. 

Carbon tax advocates will tell you that if you can reduce your carbon footprint - your carbon rebate will more than offset your increased cost. Problem with that logic is that not everyone can afford to do the right thing.  Many people can’t work from home. Some jobs require a big truck  and not everyone can afford the upfront costs of switching to an electric vehicle or retrofitting their house. Assuming they are lucky enough to even afford a home.  Fuel demand is not elastic, its a necessity for people's way of life.

It’s like eating well, we’d all like to do it, but making healthy food choices is sadly too expensive for far too many and that was the case even before this carbon tax drove prices up higher. It’s no wonder the working poor have abandoned the left.  The climate cult trumps all common sense as progressives turn regressive in fighting climate change on the backs of the poor. 

So enough of saying this policy puts more money in our pocket or is neutral. At least have the courage to say the ends of fighting climate change justify this unfair tax. Which might be an argument, if it actually was effective in its purpose. Regrettably, it’s another virtue signaling liberal policy that is made to make us feel like we’re doing our part.  Unless we get the big country emitters to change their ways, we are the non-smokers at the world's indoor poker table.  Our enemies are more than happy to see us follow divisive, debilitating economic policies. We need to develop new technologies that make them want to follow our lead, not mock us.  

The desire to fight climate change is a noble pursuit that most Canadians support. The liberals want to shape the debate that supporting the carbon tax is the only way to stop global warming.  It’s time Conservatives did a better job of explaining why that thinking is wrong.  Unlike Canada’s Green Czar Steven Guilbeault, most Canadians are not environmental Marxists.  They want economic growth and prefer technological advancements and innovation to address climate change. 

Canada was once a world leader in nuclear energy with our CANDU reactors. We need to get back in that game. We should tax oil companies full on and end all subsidies, but not restrict development or tax what they are selling. Let the price of oil go up gradually with the natural laws of supply and demand.  When prices rise again, have affordable electric vehicles, batteries and yes roads Steve available. 

Use oil income tax proceeds to create a green tech fund.  Trust the science and technology for Canada to bring a game changer energy source to the world. Let’s be a leader in recycling nuclear waste and reducing its risks.  Show the world how carbon sequester can be done effectively. It's time for Canada to wake up and get going again.

There is a right path to fight climate change.  The fools who believe a poor country is a green country can’t be followed anymore.  Obi-wan told me so. 

Written By 100 Percent Human Content of Gregory Cawsey 

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