Giving Both Love And Respect In Our Schools

With the recent decisions from the Saskatchewan and New Brunswick governments regarding parental consent, I wanted to go back to a post I made when Florida was pushing back with its own sets of education policy changes.

As you can read I did see this coming.

As for this issue, my hope is that balanced solution will emerge that can respect parents rights and protects vulnerable kids. As always I try to see both sides of an issue as I have questions for both concerned parties. To those who support parental consent of name or pronoun change - I ask why?

If you are even a semi involved parent - wouldn’t you be aware if your child was having identity issues. If not, perhaps it is because the child is not comfortable discussing them with you in fear of reprisal. If your kids know they grow up in a house of unconditional love - you shouldn’t need a note from school telling you what name your child goes by.

For those opposed, can a child not express their concern of their parents expected or stated reaction similar to reporting child abuse. For non abusive, but intolerant parents could counsellors not be brought in to help parents work toward understanding and acceptance, rather than eventually finding out under a cloud of deception.

Seems to me there is a compromise that can be found, if love and respect are involved.

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By Gregory Cawsey