Supporting Nikki Haley

Watched the first 2024 Republican Debate last night. It was another Blue Jays snooze fest so I found myself in search of something more entertaining. 

I am guessing the debate was ignored by many with former President Trump skipping the proceeding. He is so far out in the lead for the 2024 Republican nomination that many pundits are calling it a coronation. 

That I believe is a mistake. Here is how I see the Trump saga unfolding.  All the indictments against him will proceed - but am I not sure of a conviction for all. The one charge I do believe that will stick is his role in the January 6 insurrection. 

If guilty, his own party or others will nullify his nomination and bar him from the Presidency under section 3 of the 14th amendmant of the constitution. 

Trump will probably fight this all the way to the Supreme Court - but I doubt the decision will come before the courts prior to the election. Even if it did, it’s a ruling I don’t believe he would win as I believe conservative judges Roberts and Thomas would not vote in his favour.  

I am also not convinced that Trump even wants to be President again - I believe he wants to campaign and win for his ego, but actually put in the effort of doing the job, yeah not so much. Martyrdom seems right by him. 

I believe he will relish the role of being kingmaker and holding sway over the entire election process. He also can't lose and still claim he won the last election.  

Now this may all be wishful thinking on my part, but I know I am not alone in reaching this conclusion. There were 8 people on stage last night that must believe the same. People of that stature, many who have won major political battles in the past - don’t risk money and reputation running out a ground ball. 

If all this does come to pass then someone on that stage could end up being the next American President.  From what I saw last night, I would be in full support of a woman being the next leader of the free world. 

More to come... 

By Gregory Cawsey