Protesting in Canada

Well look at that, another protest in Ottawa. Is anyone else concerned with the growing discontent among the working class in this country? 

It is one thing to have economic gripes when unemployment is high - but there are jobs a plenty out there. The problem is they don't pay enough to keep up with raging inflation. Couple that with an indifferent federal government that is exacerbating the problem and you have a storm brewing.     

No it's not "let them eat cake" - it's "let them get a Tesla". 

Supply of oil is being squeezed by a deliberate effort to curtail investment in infrastructure of oil and gas. Make fuel prices shoot up so people will look to be more energy efficient. Switch to a Tesla  and save the planet.  Well if you are fortunate enough to afford one - good luck getting one anytime soon. If you can't well - suck it up worker bee.  The cost of fuel is driving up the price of everything. 

Yes inflation is a global problem that seems to be burning out of control. So what does our federal government do - let's add another installment of the carbon tax and throw gas on the fire.  Is it any wonder another Ottawa protest is taking place? 

Try and dismiss these "nuts" all you want - but a progressive environmental agenda will have no chance if the rank and file believe they are the only ones footing the bill. We are only just now coming out of the pandemic whose restrictions unequally hurt the economically vulnerable.  Trying to tackle another existential threat on the backs of the poor is not going to be well received.  

The winds of discontent are blowing and compassion for fellow Canadians is lacking.  

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