Reclaiming Your Political Independence

Political engagement is high - so that should be a good thing for our democracy. Unfortunately, the United States influence of tribal political identity is creeping into Canada. It seems now everyone has a political opinion and wear it on their sleeve.

It reminds me of the change in our attire to go and cheer on our favourite sport team. Look at the footage of old games - not a logo in sight. Not that many years ago I remember going to sporting events and only a few wore team gear to the game. Now that American sport phenomena of dressing the part is present in Canada as well. Now you feel completely out of place if you have not donned the colours of your team - you must represent. This is not a big deal - sport is harmless.

The problem is this adversarial approach to elections and governing has now crept into our democratic systems. Voting turnout has not been the issue lately, but what we need now is take this political enthusiasm and embrace our political independence. A past the post electoral system works fine if we stop looking at the colours of the parties and to the character of the individuals we elect.

Municipal elections represent what could be. Sadly voter turnout is the lowest here than any level of government in Canada. I would like to believe it's because they deal in issues many find of little consequence rather than the absence of party money, power and influence.

I know breaking up the dominance of entrenched political parties will be extremely difficult - but its another JUSTCAWS. Listen to the full episode HERE.