Questioning Masked Teaching

When masks wearing became optional for teachers, I made my choice to not continue. Why? 

1. I believe they inhibit learning. Now not all research is conclusive - NY Times but I believe when given the choice, I will teach without them for a better learning experience for students. 

2. I miss the visual cues and full read of reaction. Seems reasonable that my students would want to see that as well.   

3. With Covid now being agreed to as airborne - the most effective masks - well fitted n95 are very obtrusive.  The questionable effectiveness of  more comfortable masks renders their utility nothing more than virtue signaling. 

4.  I have had Covid and don't believe that I am risk to contract or spread for a period of time.

5. I believe we have reached the point (thanks to vaccines and other therapeutics) when the risks to society is no greater than bad flu seasons. 

6. If you believe we should have been wearing them during flu seasons - before and therefore now - I believe their environmental cost is too great for their benefit.  CBC News

7. Unlike pre -pandemic - we now have a remote option for students and parents who choose to learn on line. 

8. All above said, I will probably wear a mask again under certain circumstances. Even if it is not mandated.  Why? Read more HERE