Why Don't You Just Meet Me In The Middle

Have heard a number of people lament today's politics. Leaders no longer concern themselves with governing for all the people.

All they are concerned with is antagonizing their enemies and delivering to their political base.

Why has it gone this way? Sadly like many things in a democracy - we the people are to blame.

Social media and the echo chamber that it creates has polarized the electorate. The open minded, middle of the road voter still exist , but they no longer have much clout.

The two political leaders in Ontario and Ottawa are products of this new political reality.

Ford and Trudeau kowtow to their base because there is no political benefit to trying to appeal to the other side of the political spectrum.

There are too many voters out there who will never vote for either side. No matter what political overtures a leader makes toward them.

The sway in elections comes less from the undecided and more from whether one side's supporters are motivated enough to get out and vote.

Our news media plays along as well. With no viewers in the middle there is no money to be made with balanced reporting. So the polarizing of views only intensifies.

Solutions to our current state affairs could be electoral reforms or the removal of government funding to political parties altogether.

Getting the powers that be to make changes to a system that advantages them has proved difficult and will take time.

Besides politicians and the media are only reacting to what they see and hear from us.

So what are we the people to do?

We can commit ourselves to change right now and open our minds.

Engage other political view points and avoid the pack mentality of social media.

Embrace an allegiance to political independence.

By doing this at the grassroots level we can get our politics and media to meet us again, in the middle.