Don't Be Fooled - #bluejays Plan is a Scam

Published Version: https://www.guelphmercury.com/opinion-story/9248912-toronto-blue-jays-fans-should-hold-on-to-their-low-expectations/

Another Blue Jays season is upon us and expectations could not be lower.

Many pundits have the team pegged at 65-75 wins, and that may be optimistic.

The Blue Jays finally flipped the page from the vets of 2015-16 to a youth movement of promising position player talent. It had to be done.

Paying the likes Tulo, Martin, and now Molasses (misspelling intentional) to go away is the right move. It will free up at bats for the kids and show the organization what they've got.

So that part of the plan, is fine. Fans upset their stars of years ago are gone - get over it. It was time.

What doesn't get enough attention, is this idea that this needed rebuild must come with a white flag attached.

The potential stars here and coming up are position players - not pitching.

The best pitching prospect they have - Nate Pearson, will probably not be ready till 2021, most likely 2022. Coincidently, the years management like to say they will be competitive again.

Anyone who knows this game, is keenly aware - that in order to win, you need good pitching. It is similar to goaltending in hockey - good luck with out it. No matter how good your forwards are - you need a goalie - right Edmonton. The Leafs knew this and got Andersen - he is the key difference why the Leafs and Oilers rebuilds have gone in opposite directions. The Blue Jays are following the Oiler model. Rather than go out and spend money on top free agent pitching that is STILL AVAILABLE - they went out and got old, inning eating retreads who are of course cheap.

They even are looking at dumping any pitcher on the roster who is decent this season regardless of age (Sanchez/Stroman) to get more prospects. Which based on their past trades and the fact that nobody gives up good young pitching, will probably mean more infielders.

So it's no surprise the fans have changed the channel. This team is in full suicide mode.

Now the young position players coming up will be immersed in a losing culture and play in front of empty blue seats. Buffalo will have a greater buzz than the 6.

So why is management and Rogers following this cheap, road to no where plan?

First off, paying for top line pitching is no guarantee for success. Just like the goalie analogy - without it no chance, but if your beer league team is playing in front of Carey Price - you're still going to lose.

This tells me all the hype about the Blue Jays great position players is just that- hype. They have to perform before ownership will spend the ante required to at least compete.

So instead of doing a proper, well funded rebuild like the Yankees, the Blue Jays are doing it on the cheap.

The lack of fan interest shows that Blue Jays fans are smart and see this for what it is, no matter how much Rogers sports media try and sell it.