What's Your JUSTCAWS?

Want to get something off your chest? 

For me it's cathartic. By making my views public and easy to share I can put thoughts on the record and hear from people who may or may not feel the same. We may have to agree to respectfully disagree, but we learn when we hear from other perspectives and listen to criticisms that may expose blind spots in our own reasoning. 

Another reason I offer my opinion is to give a point of view that I don't believe is being shared in the media, or at least in the media I consume. Rather than echo or give a here, here to what everyone is already saying, offering counterpoise is my muse.  

Getting more people to read, follow, and subscribe is an objective for me, but it's not the end goal.  If more people engage, then there is a greater opportunity for feedback from a variety of perspectives. It is why I won't be controversial or inflammatory just for clicks. What true learning can take place from a viewpoint you don't hold in your heart? 

My formula, if I can be so bold as to believe I have one, is as follows: 

I will present my case with conviction and support it where necessary. If this happens to be controversial, so be it, but I recognize persuasion done diplomatically is more effective than with a derogatory tone.  I explore the other side of the argument and will refute any obvious rebuttals.  Finally, I will provide ideas for solutions or a pathway to move forward. Complaints that offer no alternatives may offer satisfaction to the speaker, but don't help move the conversation forward. 

I have been asked many times to write about this or that, but I find it difficult when I am detached from my own emotional connection to an issue. So to those who’ve asked or may do so in the future, I offer you the mic.  

If following the formula in giving your two cents is a challenge you would like to take, I welcome you to send me your own JUSTCAWS.  

There, it felt good to get that off my chest. 

Submissions can be sent to gregcawsey@gmail.com 

I reserve the right to edit and publish on www.justcaws.ca, but will only post if any changes have your  approval.  Posts will remain up on the site and archived in the JUSTGUESTS section, but will be removed if requested.