Calling Out Climate Change Hypocrisy

Sorry, but you lost me at Dubai. 

As #COP28, the UN’s annual climate conference wrapped up in the Mecca of oil money opulence, I can’t get past how pious climate change crusaders have become. The absolute audacity of jet setting "environmentalists" who gather to craft policies to deprive their own citizens of the very economic prosperity they enjoy. While doing this all on their taxpayer funded credit cards.  If that doesn’t smell bad enough, they decided to hold their conference in a city that was built by the very oil and gas profits they talk about ending. It’s like holding an Amish, anti-gambling conference in Vegas. 

I understand that the UN wants to move this conference to all corners of the world to not show favoritism or slight to any region, but Dubai? 

I guess if you want to push draconian environmental policies on the ignorant masses, what better place to craft them in, than a undemocratic desert of human rights. 

The sad part about this conference is that it really demonstrated, in case there was still any doubt, that it is led by a bunch of show ponies.  This conference of more than 70,000 delegates produces more hot air than cool action. Hopefully, more true environmentalists, see this conference for the shell game it has become. 

That is not to say that all policies or directives from this gabfest are all bark and no bite.  These big government, elites are quite ineffective at fighting climate change, but they do know how to exploit a cause for their own benefit. Whether it be punitive carbon taxes meant to fund the ominous growth of the state or outright government overreach in the rights and pursuits of private citizens. The climate cult attendees are there to change the world, but not the climate.   

That said, I must give credit, on one move. They finally embraced nuclear power, and directed countries to produce more nuclear power generation this year.  But it’s almost 2024, where was that push years ago. Heck even Ontario Premier Doug Ford, beat this group to that solution earlier this year. It’s like this group purposely stalls and pontificates to define the problem, rather than moving to available solutions. 
Not sure when this all started, but I now find their motives Duplicit and the results Dubious.  I must thank Dubai for making it clear that fighting climate change is just the excuse.

By Gregory Cawsey