Giving The Road Ahead For Canadian Political Parties

Many of my posts focus on American politics, so today I want to give some attention to Canadian politics. I want to lay a non- partisan, serious pathway forward for each of the three main federal parties. 2025 is still a long way out to sit around in self induced political paralysis. All three leaders need a plan to victory, or for the NDP, relevance. My bad. Again, no partisan rheoteric. Here goes…

The NDP needs to end its alliance with the Liberals. Use a wedge issue, like national pharmacare to be the line in the sand that can create some separation between you and the dead party walking Liberals.

Speaking of the Libs, the party needs a rallying cry to wake from its self induced public loathing. Lucky the use of the notwithstanding clause is about as unpopular as Trudeau. Start seriously speaking out about constitutional reform, and how Justin is going to finish what his father started. That might get liberal hearts beating again, and renew enthusiasm heading into the next election.

The Conservatives need to continue the pivot from the opposition party, to one that acts like its the actual government. Yes, kill the carbon tax, but it can’t be all no to this and that. Speak more to what your party will do and PP, do it with a smile.

Have more to say on this if you care because I believe giving the Canadian Federal Parties Political Advice is a JUSTCAWS

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