Getting Toronto Sports Good Enough Philosophy

Are you really surprised? 

If you're reading this I doubt it. Hard core Blue Jays fans saw this movie all year.  Wasted starts, questionable managing, bad base running, and an inability to hit with runners in scoring position. 

What made this season, so frustrating - is there is a lot of talent on this roster.  Rogers has told me so. Okay, maybe not as great as the baseball heads at Sportsnet and the organization put out there, but still on paper good.  So yeah it's frustrating watching a team play well below expectations. If not for the other pretenders in the American League choking themselves, this team doesn’t even make the playoffs. 

The fanbase doesn’t need answers as to why this happened.  They want to know is who going to be let go? 

Sorry fans, but don’t expect major changes. The team really did what it’s supposed to do in Shapiro’s model - contend.  The stadium was full and ratings were solid.  Yes, fans are angry right now - but at least they’re talking. The Argos would love any of this.   

Shapiro and MLSE get Toronto fans. You have to be good - but good, is good enough for them.  Disgruntled fans wanted the Leafs blown up. Again, it didn't happen and is not going to happen. Same for the Jays. 

From a business standpoint it makes no sense.  As long as people show up to watch either live or stream, why risk a steady cash flow - for what a championship?  Nah, in Toronto - if it's North American big league - they’ll show - just be good. 

The Raptors championship moved fans expectations up a notch. Mediocre is no longer good enough.  To be a thing in Toronto now, winning is a must.     

If the Jays were to clean house and make bold changes to challenge Baltimore’s emerging hold on the AL East - it might work. It could also backfire and the latest stadium renovation won’t keep people from canceling their sportsnet now subscription. 

The money play is to tweak, stay relevant and challenge again. 

That is not to say that I don’t believe there should be changes - most definitely after this debacle. Atkins is Shapiro’s man - is he bold enough to pull a Shanahan and fire his golden boy? 

I doubt it.  Do that - and ownership starts looking at you if things go bad. Shapiro is smarter than that.  Shanny is smart too - but he does have to battle that former player in him that still really, REALLY wants to win.  

As for Shapiro's hand picked GM, yes his trade record is abysmal, but his acquisitions in free agency and waivers are solid. He’ll stay because he can build a playoff roster.  Just don’t expect a major move at the deadline. Shapiro wouldn’t like that. Just ask AA who was admonished for giving up some future for a shot at glory. 

This is not to say Shapiro is not under pressure from ownership. Unlike the Leafs,  Rogers has thrown a ton of money redoing the Rogers Park (sorry can’t call a ballpark a Centre) and putting money into Shapiro’s pet projects in Dunedin.  A few playoff gates would be nice to justify those expenditures. Shapiro will have some explaining to do (as Arizona, and Atlanta advance) - but the fear of a bad team and a fickle fan base will keep the status quo in place. 

Perhaps they make big changes, and act like the Yankees who have signalled they will make some major moves after finishing a dreadful two games above .500.  Yes, some towns have different standards.  

So I don't expect the Jays to make major changes next year and probably no playoffs as they drop another rung.  Fans will be upset, but it's not like there were any home playoff gates this year either. 

I hope I am wrong on this, but after following Toronto sports for decades you learn a thing or two.  

Give Shapiro credit. It didn’t take him that long. 

By Gregory Cawsey