Ontario Public Education Needs a Hero - Right Now

Dark clouds are hovering over Ontario public education, right now.  Whether you blame the government or the unions it doesn’t matter, schools are closed – again, and parents are fed up. This will be a pivotal week in determining if the Ford government cares about public education or is purposely creating havoc in the system to undermine it in the eyes of Ontarians.  

As for the education unions, from my experience at the negotiation table – I know they don’t care about public education – it’s not their job.  They work to get their due paying members the best compensation deal they can. Since their union dues are a percentage of gross pay – it is in the union’s self-interest to get their member pay raises. I don’t begrudge them for that, but they spew a whole of bunch B.S. when they say, “we are doing this for the kids”.

If you believe the government is making public education, stronger by finally ending the constant work stoppages and disruption – then this the end justifies the means approach better happen quickly. If that means contracting out cleaning services and fining the union to the max – do it and bring an end to the work stoppage. Ford started down this road by imposing a contract – he had to anticipate a major push back would come. If he didn't, then he must rescind the legislation and get back to bargaining. You can't  claim to want kids in class, if even with all your might - you can't make that happen. 

Union supporters like to make the charge that Ford Nation wants to dismantle public education and push further privatization.  If that is proven to be the case, then what good comes for standing by and letting that happen. Go back to work and push the feds to act and make our charter mean something again.

Public education does need a hero right now – we will find out soon who that may be.   

A former teacher union District VP and Ontario PC nomination candidate, Greg shares his unique perspective on this current dispute. Listen to him expand further on this issue and others at Public #onted Newsletter