What Are Your Thoughts On The #onpoli Debate?

Critique of last night's Ontario Election debate and a summary of each party's current status heading into election day June 2nd.

Always believed that as long as you don't have to wear a mask to vote, Ford will get all the undivided support on the right of the political spectrum. Leaving the other three parties to fight over the votes on the left. While Ontario is left leaning, one party on the left has to dominate for a clear path to victory and that is not happening this time. In fact, I believe there is a growing dissatisfaction among the working class with left leaning parties and that this election will be the first to bear this shift to the right out.

If the right vote does increase I still don't see any further right wing New Blue party having much impact as Covid restrictions fade into the rear view mirror. The contestants weren't even asked what would be their plan if the pandemic rages again this fall.
Watching the debate did remind me how much is lost with the addition of each candidate and how strange it is that we focus so much on the leaders, that unlike the U.S. system, most can't even vote for. Sadly, it is spectacle over much consequence or substance in Canadian political debates.

It would be a justcaws to change them. For now, hear a more detailed synopsis of the election HERE.