1 Year Covid Thoughts

As we come up on the one year anniversary of Covid, I thought I would share some of things I have learned and observed during all this. 

1.    Nothing good comes after the sentence - "out of an abundance of caution.... "

2.    My opinion of Teacher Unions has been confirmed.  They still don't care about the kids.      

3.    Masks are not that big a deal, over zealous by-law officers are.

4.    I still can't say virulent and epidemiologist without needing assistance.  

5.    I now trust unelected officials to show more leadership than elected.  

6.    Sport without crowds is like Diet Soda. 

7.    I never thought we would let the world become Chitty Bang Bang's Vulgaria for children. 

8.    Attendance in my classes is better during Pandemics.   

9.    Sadly, the news my parents consumed no longer exists.  

10.  Work is for work and home is for home. I only like mixing the two when I decide. 

11.  I thought we were trying to reduce single use plastics. 

12.  Canada is a wonderful country only if you can leave it. 

13.  Some people like this. 

14.  Every ten years or so the stock market tanks over something.

15.  I have never loved teaching and writing more.