So What's The Plan?

Well how's it going so far?

Your answer to that question probably depends on your bank account or if your job or business was ripped away from you.

Yes we are all getting a little squirrely being stuck inside, but if you’ve got at least 3 rooms to roam around in – stop whining. Imagine being stuck in a closet sized apartment with your family.

Like many, I am not really in the mood right now for celebrity TikTok videos. Many don’t want to hear – "Don’t Worry Be Happy” when “Fight the Power” is the jam in their head.  

It must be nice to be too important to go outside and buy anything.  Those essential workers I am sure are just thrilled to go expose themselves and get it for you.  I feel for them.  The government and media in their desire to scare the crap out of us to make sure we stay inside forgot about the anxiety caused for people that still have to go out.

The kids are another group I sympathize with. Skipping a year in your 40’s is no big deal, but you don’t get 10, 16 and all those other milestones back. You can stay in touch with old friends on-line, but it’s hard to make new ones. Parents can’t even take their own kids to our open space parks and play catch.  No we can’t trust the masses to be sensible and stay apart.  Although, we’ll have to see if we can dodge each other on the sidewalk once it warms up.  For this, it’s time for the nanny state to have a little faith in its children.

I am also getting a little tired of the social shaming. Please spare us your sanctimony if you are one of the lucky ones that have a seat on one the life boats. I thought we were all in this together.

The retail landscape when this over is going to provide as much choice as we have now with the big banks.  I am surprised the A&W guy doesn’t also thank the government for shutting down and eliminating his weaker competition.  

The collateral damage to our stay at home response is not just financial.  Many are waiting on needed surgeries and other procedures.  Mental health is becoming a major concern and there have already been too many final birthdays and last days spent alone.   

So I very much sympathize with those wanting to open things up.  I don’t get that sense of urgency from our Prime Minister.  Do you not understand that you are crushing people’s spirits with every “this isn’t going to end anytime soon” comment?

I am not saying you have to be like liberate Trump, whose pure self - interest can be seen a mile 
away. But it is time for a plan and pathway forward. Sitting on our hands till we have a vaccine is not a plan – it’s a wish.  I hope we get one, but I am not prepared to watch more people be pushed off the edge while we wait.

I expect our leaders to listen to public health, but not abdicate their responsibility to them.  In our Star Trek democracy we elected Captain Kirk, not Bones.  Put a scientifically, vetted phased in plan in place like the Americans, but unlike them – have the discipline and smarts to follow it. 

Many have sacrificed everything to buy the government and our health care system time.  Too many can’t wait any longer. People are going to start coming out soon, whether government leaders like it or not. We are little more law abiding than our neighbours to the south, but even Canadians have their limits. 

Is opening things up risky? Yes. Will more people die from the disease from opening up – sadly yes, but that’s the decision we have to make. There is a growing cost to staying home and it’s not just financial. Do a risk assessment and propose a plan. Not everyone is going to agree. That’s fine we need more debate. Democracy is still an essential service.

Our plan forward needs the input of our health officials, but the economists, and advocates for the truly desperate need to be in the room as well.

Leaders, the clock is ticking and people are waiting.  This is the tough part of the job. Following the plan responsibly - will be ours.