Kawhi Say Bye

I have waited on writing this, hoping the man would say something. So on the anniversary of the big trade that saw the Raptors acquire Kawhi Leonard, my disappointment turns to disbelief. I doubt anything is coming.
Not sure who Kawhi Leonard has as his publicist, or if he even has one. Sad, because the man could use some advice.
Most Canadians do not begrudge Kawhi for wanting to go home and play for the LA Clippers. Sorry to see him go and not return for another Championship run, but no anger.
Well that maybe changing Kawhi. A city and country opened its arms to you and offered you the moon. The least you could do is offer some token acknowledgment.
It's standard practice to post something thanking the fans. Danny Green did his late in the night, after word go out that he was leaving to go to the Lakers.
Apparently, this gesture is just too much for the fun guy who was given the literal key to the city.
Fine, you don't like talking to the press and avoid social media, we respect that. But have one of your people put out a statement for crying out loud. How tone deaf are you?
Wouldn't surprise me if the Raptors themselves suggested he release a statement thanking the fans. Nothing much, just a thank you for all the support. The Raptors know the longer this silence goes the more awkward it gets.
Now some might believe that this is just Kawhi being Kawhi and he will only talk when he has too. That's his prerogative. But don't expect a statue or a number retired. If you're all about the game and not the hype then you don't care about those things anyways. Your ring is in the mail.
Of course this all can still be fixed with two magic words. But I doubt they're coming. So we'll play it like you taught us, detached and all business. When you return we won't boo, that would be too emotional. We're Canadian - we will keep the golf clap polite.
Kawhi, enjoy going back home to LALA land. But you may want to hire a publicist while your out there. I hear they have a few.


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